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Ivaltec manufacturing for petrochemical-chemical application

Ivaltec BV03 triple offset butterfly valve application of ammonia and nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers

Ammonia and nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers application

Triple offset butterfly valve

Zero leakage metal/metal contact

BV03 CL300 DN450

Low carbon steel materials

Ammonia and fertilizer application

Ball valve

3PC fixe ball

VBT3 CL300 DN500

Ivaltec ball valve VBT3 application ammonia and nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers
Ivaltec ball valve VBT2 chemical reactor application

Chemical reactor application

Ball valve

VBT2 CL300 and CL600 DN150

All forged stainless steel body

Maintenance program

Petrochemical application

Unidirectional knife gate valve

KG01 CL150 DN200 to 600

GOST certification

All stainless steel materials

Ivaltec unidirectional knife gate valve KG01 petrochemical-chemical polyethylene powder application
Ivaltec knife gate valve KG03 through shovel, polyethylene powder application

Petrochemical polyethylene powder application

Knife gate valve through conduit

KG03 CL150 DN600

PED, ATEX and FIRESAFE certifications

Blocking system

Quick open/close

Petrochemical fine particle petroleum application

Bonnet knife gate valve

KG31 CL150 DN200

Ivaltec knife gate valve KG31 with bonnet application fine particle of petroleum
Ivaltec gate valve GV30 high temperature steam petrochemical plant application

Petrochemical-chemical steam application

Application horizontal pipeline

Hight temperature vapor 270°C

By-pass system

Petrochemical-chemical air circuit application

Bidirectional gate valve

GV30 CL150 DN400

Zero leakage

PED, ATEX, FIRESAFE certification

DA pneumatic actuator

Application du circuit d'air du robinet-vanne Ivaltec GV30
Ivaltec knife gate valve KG01 alloy 31 bracket gypsum and phosphoric acid application

Gypsum and phosphoric acid

Unidirectional knife gate valve

KG01 CL150 DN250 lug

Body knife : A995 GR 6A

BODY knife : ALLOY 31

Petrochemical Abrasive powder application

Triple offset butterfly valve

Metal / metal contact

BV03 PN20 DN300 

All stainless steel materials + coating bodycote 900HV

PED, ATEX certification

Ivaltec BV03 triple offset butterfly valve bodycote seat coating 900HV application abrasive powder petrochemical-chemical
Valve XV P200 AG.JPG

Petrochemical polyethylene powder application

Bidirectional Bonnet through conduit knife gate valve

KG33 CL150 DN500

Zero leakage, quick open / close

Mechanical blocking system

PED, ATEX, FIRESAFE certification

Fugitive emission TA LUFT

Petrochemical oil application

Bonnet knife gate valve 

KG31 CL150 DN350

Pneumatic cylinder operated

Operation under full differential pressure

ABS type approval option

Ivaltec vanne guilotinne KG31 avec chapeau application huile
Ivaltec triple offset butterfly valve BV03 UB6 chemical application

Petrochemical application

triple offset butterfly valve

BV03 PN25 DN300

UB6 stainless steel materials - 904L 

Petrochemical abrasive powder application

Unidirectional knife gate valve

KG01 PN10 DN200

All stainless steel materials + stainless steel body HALAR coated  + UB6 slide gate - 904L 

Ivaltec Knife Gate Valve KG01 unidirectional halar coating for petrochemical-chemical abrasive powder
Ivaltec butterfly valvle BV02 for powder industry application

Chemical powder application

Double offset butterfly valve

BV02 CL150 DN100

All stainless steel materials + PTFE seat

Petrochemical application

Triple eccentric butterfly valve

BV03 DN150 to DN350

Metal/metal seat contact zero leakage

BVO3 ACS.png
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