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high performance double offset
butterfly valve bv02


Main features :

Range :

• Size : DN80 - DN1200

• Rating : ANSI 150-300 / PN10 - PN16 - PN25 - PN40
 Wafer, lug, double flanged or butt weld ends
Soft seated

 Tight acc. to EN12266-1, API 598

• Fire safe acc. to BS 6755

Working temperature : -50°C to +220°C

• Actuator : Gear, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic


Applications :

High performance butterfly valve is mainly used in the following industries; industrial facilities, machinery, natural gas, high temperature water, condensate water, chemical medicine, food production, paper industry, shipbuilding, power plant, automation equipment,  Household water, sea water desalination

Standards and Specifications :

• Design standard conform to : API 609, MSS SP-68, BS 593

Temperature and pressure Class Standard : AMSE B16.34

Fire resistance standard : API 607, BS EN ISO 10497

Top flange conform to : ISO 5211

Connection flange : ASME B16.5, AMSE B16.47, EN 1092

• Face to face conform to : EN 558, API 609, MSS SP-68

Test standard conform to : EN12266, API 598, MSS SP-61, ISO 5208

Design Features and Advantages :

Optimized lip-type seat can automatically compensate for temperature and pressure variations, it has self-regulating capacity, and its sealing performance is safe and reliable.L

The users can replace the seat just by taking down the segment on site, without dismantling the valve plate and shaft, which can reduce the maintenance cost and extend the service life.

Bidirectional bubble-free, zero leakage sealing.

Blowout proof structure

• Optimized disc design

• Convenient packing adjustement design

data sheets

Here are the technical data sheets for the BV02 product, which list the various actuators, general characteristics, service conditions, and dimensions.



Double offset butterfly valve

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