triple offset
butterfly valve bv03


The use of the IVALTEC valve is particulary adapted to the following industrial applications : vapor application (thermal power plants, desalination sea water and district heating), oil, petrochemistry, cryogenics, factories of ansformation processing...

Design : 

The following two main functions of IVALDISC can be used independently or simultaneously :

  1. On/off valve

  • Bidirectional zero leaks according to API 598, EN12266-1​

  • no retention area

  • intrinsic fire safe​

   2. Regulation valve

  • Bidirectional zero leaks according to ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI

  • High flow coefficient (Kv, CV)

  • Important regulation coefficient 

  • Characteristic of exponential flow (equal percentage) and linear between 60 and 80 opening degrees

Performances : 

The valve can be used in very difficult service conditions.

Temperature from -196°C to 800°C

Pressure : until 250 bars

Tightness : Bidirectional zero leaks according to API 598, EN12266-1 and ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI regulation's

Coefficients = 100

Range : 

  • DN80 - 3200

  • Pressure PN10 to PN250

  • Class PN10 to PN250

  • ANSI150LB to ANSI 1500LB

  • Working temperature : -196°C - +800°C

  • Types of body : wafer, lug, flanged, welded ends

Design advantages :

  • Metal/Metal tightness by direct press without jamming of the butterfly ring on the sea (butterfly valve said "eccentric")

  • The closing position is ensured directly by the metal Seat's reaction on the disc metal ring (tight closure security)

  • All contact points of the disc ring quit seat surface, at the same time, from the first degree of opening :

No friction = No usury = longevity of use

  • Better ratio mass-face-to-face / nominal diameter than other types of metal/metal valves (ball valves, gate valves, globe valves).

  • Optimized disc/shaft design to obtain an important flow coefficient (low head loss).

  • Internal protection ring for bushing , preventing any particles getting inside.

  • Intrinsic Fire safe Pressure (BS 6755 part 2, API607).

  • Mounting plate ISO 5211.