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butterfly valve bv03


The IVALDISC BV03 model has two main functions :

1 - On/off valve :
 Bidirectional zero leaks according to API 598, EN12266-1​
 No retention area
 Intrinsic fire safe

2 - Regulation valve :

• Bidirectional zero leaks according to ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI

 High flow coefficient (Kv, CV)

Important regulation coefficient

• Characteristic of exponential flow (equal percentage) and linear between 60 and 80 opening degrees


Design advantages :

Metal/Metal tightness by direct press without jamming of the butterfly ring on the sea (butterfly valve said "eccentric")

The closing position is ensured directly by the metal Seat's reaction on the disc metal ring (tight closure security)

All contact points of the disc ring quit seat surface, at the same time, from the first degree of opening : No friction = No usury = longevity of use

Better ratio mass-face-to-face / nominal diameter than other types of metal/metal valves (ball valves, gate valves, globe valves)

Optimized disc/shaft design to obtain an important flow coefficient (low head loss)

Internal protection ring for bushing , preventing any particles getting inside

Intrinsic Fire safe Pressure (BS 6755 part 2, API607)

Mounting plate ISO 5211

Performance :

Temperature: from -200° to 750° C

Pressure: up to 100 bar (more on request)

 Bidirectional zero leaks according to API 598, EN12266-1 and ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI regulation's 

Range :

• DN80-3200

• Flange PN10 to PN100

• Flange 150 600

• Types of body : wafer, lug, flanged, welded ends

data sheets

Here are the technical data sheets for the BV03 product, which list the various actuators, general characteristics, service conditions, and dimensions.



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