double offset
butterfly valve bv42

Ivaltec Very high performance double offset butterfly valve BV42

Double offset butterfly valves BV42

Double eccentric structure design is adopted on the high performance butterfly valve. In the design, the spindle offset the center of the seal face to from the first eccentric and the spindle offsets from the center line of the pipeline to from the second eccentric. The combination of two eccentric will generate cam effect as the disc screw in or out, making it possible to separate the disc from seat by very small torque. There is almost no friction between the disc and seat during switches, and that lower the operation torque and extend service life. With these advantages, high performance butterfly valve can be used for various kinds of working conditions and medium.

Performance and Specifications : 

Range :

  • DN80 - 5000

  • Pressure PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40

  • ANSI 150LB to ANSI 300LB

  • Types of body : wafer, lug, flanged, welded ends

Body test pressure : 1.5 times rated pressure

Seat test pressure : 1.1 times rated pressure

Working temperature : -10°C to +130°C

Actuator : Gear, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic

Standards and Specifications : 

  1. ​Design standard conform to : EN 593

  2. Connection flange : EN1092-2, ISO7005-2

  3. Top flange conform to : ISO 5211

  4. Face to face conform to : EN 558 Series 14

  5. Test standard conform to : EN12266-1

  6. Nominal working pressure : PN6/PN10/PN16/PN25/PN40

Design Features and Advantages :

  1. Based on EN593, taking into account AWWA C504 standard to increase the safety and service life of the products.

  2. The aeronautic internal design lowers the resistance of the fluids.

  3. The sealing shaft design well protects the shaft from medium and increases the concentricity to reduce the torque, extending the service life of the shaft.

  4. The shaft doesn't pass through the sealing rings, so the sealing rings can be replaced while the valve is open.

  5. Strong shaft bushings support the disc in its center position; the valves can be installed horizontally or vertically.

  6. The optimized double-eccentric design realizes the minimal torque to close/open the valve while keeping sealing. And the minimum interference prolongs the service life of the valves.

  7. The stainless steel seat is integrally producted, embedded into the body to fit closely, forming a corrosion-proof and wear resistance seal surface that can efficiently prolong the service life of the valves.

  8. The tightness is achieved by T-type resilience sealing ring which is inlaid between disc and disc gland ring. When the disc is closed, sealing ring will be extruded by disc gland ring to from two-way sealing. Sealing ring can be replaced without disassembling the disc. Self-reinforce seal function can be achieved when valve is closed and the pressure of fluid from different direcctions can enhance this effect.

  9. Akzo Nobel epoxy resin powder coating ensures excellent painting adhesion and anti-corrosion capacity..

  10. Adjusting screws on the top and the bottom to make sure the position of the disc can be fine-tuned to keep tightness.

Application range : 

  1. Medium : water, seawater,sewage, hot water, gases

  2. Application : water treatement factory, cold water circulation system, chemical plant, hydraulic pump station, thermal gas exhaust, ect.