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butterfly valve with 
sleeve bv00

Ivaltec Sleeve butterfly valve BV00
Ivaltec Sleeve butterfly valve BV00

Butterfly valves BV00

Butterfly valve BV00 

Range :

  • DN50-2400

  • Pressure PN10/PN16/PN20/PN25

  • ANSI150LB

  • Types of body : wafer, lug, flanged, U-section

Body test pressure : 1.5 times rated pressure

Seat test pressure: 1.1 times rated pressure

Working temperature : -10°C to +130°C

Actuator : Lever handle, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric

Standards and Specifications : 

  1. Design standard conform to : MSS SP-67, API 609, EN 593

  2. Connection flange conform to : DIN PN10/16/25, ANSI B16.1, BS4504

  3. Top flange conform to : ISO 5211

  4. Face to face conform to : API 609, ISO5752 series 20, BS5155

  5. Test standard conform to : API598

  6. Working pressure : PN10/PN16/PN25

Design Features and Advantages : 

  1. ​Rubber backed seat with stable valve torque

  2. Grooved sleeve design to achieve stable positioning 

  3. Simple pressure, small in size, light weight. Easy disassembling, installation and maintenance.

  4. Minimized operating torque. Lever, gear, pneumatic and electric actuators can be choosed

  5. Special design, high flow rate and low flow resistance

Application Ranges : 

Products are suitable for fresh water, sea water, sewage, treatment systems, and can also be used in acid, alkali and salty corrosion medium.

The valve has passed the ACS, NSF and low lead certification. It can be used in the field of drinking water and food.

The valve has passed API 609 certification. It can be applied too petroleum, natural gas and other industrial pipeline transportation systems.

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