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IVALTEC, industrial valves

IVALTEC is a French company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial valve equipment for over thirty years.

The main characteristics of our valves are their very high quality, perfect sealing, and ease of maintenance.

Our products are available both in France and for export (Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa). The expertise of our team, the modern technical means we use, and our quality system enable us to offer increasingly reliable and secure products.

Our experience, and partners are the keys to the continuous optimization of the quality of our valves. We supply a long list of clients in various application fields, including agri-food, high temperatures, cryogenics, petrochemicals, chemicals, environment, energy production, powders, mining, and papermaking.


Quality, a priority

IVALTEC is the experience of its technical and commercial team to design and market product ranges dedicated to water transfer for professionals.

Thanks to a corporate vision focused on research and development, IVALTEC's mission is to offer its customers an innovative, high-performance product that responds favorably to all the European ecological and qualitative standards in force.

The primary objective of IVALTEC is to meet the needs of our various customers. To do this, it efficiently manages its logistics and after-sales services.

The IVALTEC team is fully attentive to your needs. Thanks to its commercial, technical and logistical assistance, we offer you personalized service and support you day after day.

The company IVALTEC is essential in France and tends to an international expansion. Specialized in the manufacture of knife gate valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and actuators, IVALTEC wants to be an innovative company always looking for new products to meet the ever growing demand of its customers.

Production and Products Silhouettes

Butterfly valve production

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